Web Design

BrittleStarSEO Offer Stunning Website Design

The BrittleStarSEO studio is a creative design agency which combines skill, design and development to deliver cost-effective and results driven website design. We design attractive, usable websites for all the business sectors. With our client base and exceptional reputation growing daily, we have the necessary tools to meet your demands. It is essential now more than ever before, for your business to be accessible anywhere, anytime and across multiple devices. For this reason, we are proud to specialise in providing, cutting edge and responsive websites that will meet your needs. Not only do they get the job done, they look really beautiful on all tablets, desktops and mobiles.

Design Your Website Using Unique Imagery

Your website is your most powerful selling tool. You will need this tool razor sharp to help your business march right out in front of your competition. With our in-house photography agency, we offer our clients the opportunity to choose their own unique images. For websites that wish to showcase its products, we will capture the images to best suit your needs. Our websites are captivating and imaginative. By adding unique imagery to your site, you are also communicating to your prospective customers that you stand apart from the crowd. You show that you are proud of your product and are happy to showcase it in this beautiful manner. Your website is going to stand apart from all the other ‘same ole’ websites. We have a range of web design packages which are suitable for all business types.

BrittleStarSEO Magic

When BrittleStarSEO waves its magic wand, you can be assured of receiving a website that is streets ahead of your competition. We deliver beautifully designed websites both on the front end and back end. We also understand that a website is not all about looking fantastic. Proper functionality, target markets, usability, goals and objectives, etc. are all components that will assure you have a website that works on every level.

Our Packages

BrittleStarSEO offer a range of web design packages.

Starter Package:

·       Theme Setup & Styles

·       Content Management System

·       Responsive for Mobile/Tablet

·       Social Integration

·       Search Engine Friendly

·       Contact Form

·       Admin Instructions

Bespoke Package:

·       Bespoke Template Designed

·       Image Concepts

·       Responsive for Mobile/Tablet

·       Media & Features

·       Content Management System

·       Search Engine Friendly

·       Administrative Instructions & Staff Training

Advanced Features

·       Parallax Scrolling

·       Directories

·       Communities

·       Live Streaming

·       Booking Systems

·       Estate Agents

·       Recruitment