SEO Copy-writing

Search Engine Optimisation makes some people googly eyed, so let me explain very quickly the benefits SEO copy-writing can bring to your business. To make it very simple SEO is all about making certain the search engine robots: Googlebot, BingBot and Yahoo’s Slurp for example, know very clearly what your site is about. How do they know? By using high impact words, used in the correct place and the correct amount of times. However, this practice should never be overdone. SEO copy-writing is about writing content which is so compelling that people will really want to link to it and share it. This in turn gives a website much greater authority and will help it rank organically for the chosen keywords.

Authority and Clarity

It is really important to carry out in depth keyword research, yet, Google looks at the authority and trust a website has gained and deems this just as important. This is why strong links by others to your website are so very important. SEO copy-writing is a magnet for Google and the search engines as it constantly prompts them to crawl your site and identify it for the strong use of keywords. Fortunately nowadays, more people than ever before have the opportunity to link, bookmark and tweet about websites they find interesting and attractive.

Contact BrittleStarSEO for Your High-impact SEO Writing

When a website is written correctly, it is a sure-fire way of helping it rank high on the page. With BrittleStarSEO’s knowledge and expertise we will get the balance of keywords and search terms exactly right while writing engaging, readable content. We produce keyword-rich and well-written content which is interesting and informative. Above all it is very easy to read and those keywords and long tailed keywords are woven so cleverly into the content they are not even noticeable.

You will receive optimised copy that is enjoyable reading for your customer and that the search engines will be very happy ranking.

SEO copywriting extends beyond websites. We will write your optimised copy for blog posts, articles, press releases, etc.

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